Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project Life - Week Six & Seven

Wow! Life gets away from you sometimes! Last week was super busy, mostly because I put off writing an essay for uni until the last minute! I know my bad! But every moment I had was taken up with reading and writing but I have a weeks reprieve until Study period one starts next week.

I managed to complete week six of Project Life last week, just never quite got it online! It has been on my to do list for a week now.

Week 6

 Week Six was all about Lego. Lego, Lego, everywhere Lego! All the kids loved it too! And surprisingly they were pretty good at tidying it up too!

Dan worked some crazy hours this week - really missed him but when he got home we hung out and acted silly together. Still crazy about him.

Week six also saw Ethan start big boy kinder AKA 4 year old kinder. He is new to the centre but has taken to it so well. We've had a few wobbles as I leave but he's so excited to go and loves telling me what he's done with his days.

The week of the Thermomix - my gorgeous wonderful friend Vanessa lent me this awesome machine. It chops, minces, grates, cooks, juices, steams, in fact it does pretty much everything in the kitchen. But its pretty $$$ so I had a borrow to see if I'd actually use it - VERDICT hell yeah I need one of these bad boys. Started saving already!

Week Seven

 Valentines Day - personally think it is a complete load of rubbish but I was pretty happy when Dan brought home Sticky date Pudding - he knows the way to my heart!

Love those slipper thongs, they are just divine for wearing around the house but I have been caught wearing them out side of the house more than once recently ...

Page Two - Dan got to spend the day at the zoo with his work - they call it 'team building' - hmmm I'm not so sure!

Arggh - more studying! Spend most of the weekend locked in the bedroom studying - bedroom is better than the study because it has no internet to distract me!

A new do - needed a change? What do you think?

Proud of my boy - getting another Swordy Certificate for swimming!

If you made it all the way to here THANK YOU! Well done! Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Fantastic pages. You tell so many stories in each spread. Just wonderful!

  2. Your pages are so much fun, and I love all the details!

  3. These look great. I'm impressed that you can get so very much done

  4. Wow I am loving this, all is amazing! And an inspiration for me, I am trying to catch up with mine ooooops....

  5. LOVELY entries! Thank you for sharing them! I so enjoy seeing what other people are doing in their PL albums.

    How are you liking your bangs? I'm seriously considering getting bangs again. I'm so lazy, though...bangs means having to style one's hair. Not sure I'm ready for that commitment again. ;)