Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Recent Layouts

Here are some layouts that I've completed lately. Not for challenges just for me!

My 2 year old India is just mad for Dora. She LOVES all things Dora so i thought i need to make a layout so we can always remember how much she loved her!

This layout was inspired by a layout I saw on Pinterest. I loved the simplicity of the square blocks of colour highlighted just by the hand sewing around the edge. It just goes to show that sometime less IS more!

Favourite colour combo at the moment. Grey, yellow and aqua - oh yeah!!! Circles - loving all things round too! And look at the face, what a cutie!

An old photo, but a funny one. If only I could get her to clean the toilet now! Funny story after I had finished this layout, I spilled my bottle of brown Mister Huey all over my desk, my god does that stuff stain everything!!!! I was screaming as it was dripping onto the carpet, trying desperatly not to let it get into the sewing basket, my poor hubby had no idea what was happening! I did mamnge to clean it all up but it was a colossal effort!

Scrap the Girls - August

The inspiration at STG this month was a quote.

"Children need love, especially when they do not deserve it." ~Harold Hulbert

I loved the quote. I had lots of photo's to choose from (I have really badly behaved kids -LOL) but I ended up choosing some pictures of my eldest daughter Mackenzie in full tantrum mode. She is six now and started school this year, but i swear her tantrums are more frequent than my two year olds! I feel like she holds in all her frustrations in the day and the moment she sees me she just unleashes them on me! Does anyone else have that?

Anyways back to scrapping here is my layout for STG August. Enjoy!

Scrap the Boys - August

The inspiration for STB this month was this gorgeous bedroom - how cute is it!

I loved the wood and the red stripe, and the blue with a hint of yellow!
Here's my layout featuring my gorgeous boy, Ethan.
I had this photo printed at 8" X 12" at Costco a while ago and I have been waiting, not really sure what to do with it. I am really happy with the result and I think I might enlarge some more pictures!  

123 Challenge August

August has just been sooo busy for me. All my weekends have been filled with parties, trivia nights, and fundraisers. It's been a great month for meeting new people and seeing old friends but it has also been exhausting. I am looking forward to a much quieter October!

Only managed a handful of challenges this month. On top of being busy Mr Mojo up and vanished for a while at the start of the, doncha just hate it when that happens?? So I took a bit of a break from scrapping went out to the garden, revved up the sewing machine and I've even started an art journal. All that has worked as I feel reinspired!

So the challenge at 123 Challenge this month was:

This did not come together easily. I just couldn't work out what I wanted to say or scrap about! I went through all my photos and nothing, seriously NOTHING was speaking to me, so I thought 'bugger it' and I choose these photo's of my husband running the Melbourne Marathon back in 2008. I have been menaing to scrap these for a while now (well since 2008 really) but i've never really been enthused about them. I mean I am very proud of him for finishing the marathon, and all the training he put in was immense, but I just dont get it, I mean I really don't get it. WHY WOULD ANY SANE PERSON WANT TO RUN 42 KM? it just doesn't make sense. I don't even like to drive that far without a snack and toilet break let alone run it, but hey, the running keeps him out of trouble!

Here is my take on the challenge and my dedication to my husbands colossal achievement!

Hope you enjoy!