Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Project Life - Week Four

I cannot believe it's February already! WTF??!! January just seemed to whizz by!

School starts back today in Melbourne but not for us. My little treasures have to wait until Friday for the big back to school party! Don't know who's more excited - them or me!

Looking forward to getting back into a routine. I've decided I'm going to devote 3 hours to Project Life on Monday mornings and blog about it on Wednesdays.

Here's is Week Four of Project Life

A much quieter week for us, thank goodness. Lots of hanging around at home and doing everyday things.

Here's some close up's of page 1 for you

On Monday my air conditioning stopped working! I nearly went around the twist trying to fix it. I was completely beside myself. Fortunately it just needed a clean up and a reboot! Phew! God I love that machine and I missed it so when it wasn't working. I try to be a good custodian of the Earth and only use it when the temperature reaches 35c which is pretty hot, I'm sure you'll agree.

And some close ups of page 2

My poor little India got her hand stuck in our sliding door on Thursday. It was worse because I actually shut the door, but she shouldn't have been playing with it in the first place. It looks a lot worse than it was - just a bit of blood, a bruise and lots of crying. It's all forgotten now.

So that was week four hope you enjoyed looking at it!


  1. looking good! and ouch on that hand - poor thing!

  2. love the colours here, so bright and fresh. Lucy did this to her big toe nail, she was sliding on my bedroom door and when it swung back she stepped down, it ripped her nail off, now that was some serious pain and crying, WOW never want that to happen again

  3. Ouch but I suspect it might be a while before the door is played with again! Love the look of your PL. So bright and clean.

  4. Wonderful PL! Sorry about the A/C!! Love the little blue map!

  5. LOVE the perspective of the first shot of the kiddos playing on the bedroom floor. And how you included a map of Ikea. :) Great idea!


  6. Oooh, Ouch on her finger! But your project life pages look great! And it sounds like you have a good plan :)

  7. Love your pages. Enjoy the back to school. Ours went back last Monday but only went for one day due to the flooding. They've been back everyday this week - but I haven't gotten into the new schedule. Hoping next week will be better xxx

  8. You're doing so well with your Project Life! I'm behind already - must set some time aside this weekend to do it, I think.

  9. Love your 4th week! So sorry about her sweet hand. :(

  10. Aw....sorry your baby got hurt. : (
    You pages are great! Love!