Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kraft it up - May Challenge - NO PATTERNED PAPER!

What no patterned paper!!!  I'm addicted to the stuff so when I read this challenge I was like, no way jose, can't do that! But hey it's a challenge isn't it - its not supposed to be easy its supposed to push your creativity! So in I jumped. And this was the result, and you know what, I quite like it!

In lieu of patterned paper I used a mix of shipping tags, paint, rub ons, fabric, chipboard, old clothes tags, mesh and some corrugated cardboard. See it can be done, I did miss my patterned paper but I managed to produce a pretty good layout. It may seem I've gone a bit mad with the red paint this month but I promise it ends here!

May 123 Challenge!!

The challenge at 123 Challenge this month was excellent! I really enjoyed doing this one. The criteria were

COLOUR: Fire Engine Red
So here is my take on the challenge
A little while ago over a Chat with Charm there was a discussion post about favourite colour combos. Well my absolute FAV colour combo at the moment in grey, aqua, yellow and pink.

I blame the uber talented Susan Weinroth. She posted some layouts of her son using grey, aqua and yellow and I was hooked! Up until that moment I had never even thought of using grey as a base, let alone adding blue and yellow. Of course grey is a great neutral, just look outside today! Mother nature is never wrong!

So here are two layouts I've done recently using grey - one light shade and the other darker. I was pretty happy with these layouts - dont you just love it when you actually 'LIKE' a layout!

Please excuse the carpet - no one should be exposed to that, but I promise it's going soon!