Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Simplify your Life

You know how it goes I was reading a blog here and a blog there and followed a link and then another and somehow I ended up here at Home Life Simplified reading about their 52 Simplify Your Life Challenge.

2011 was a difficult year mostly because I fell out with my best friend. Of course that had repercussions to other relationships and groups we were connected with and that really sucked (for both of us). That was six months ago and  I am in a much better place and she's in a much better place (ie. away from me). I wont go into what the falling out was about, it is complicated yet simple and we both behaved badly and said hurtful things. I'm embarrassed to admit that it was my own reluctance to 'Let it go' that ultimately lead to the complete breakdown of our relationship. But it is what it is and here we are in 2012, a little bit older and wiser. 2011 was not all bad, in fact some pretty awesome things that I am grateful for in 2011.

1.Having the courage to finally start my degree through Open Uni. I've done lots of talking about it for years but now actual movement on it! One unit under my belt, midway through another!
2.Mackenzie starting school. She was so ready for school and  she has grown and blossomed so much. The school community is awesome, the teaching staff are so committed to teaching and I have meet so many new friends.
3.Continuing to have a open, honest and fun relationship with Dan
4.A relationship that emotionally drained me has ended.
5.The health and happiness of my family – especially as my parents get older.
6.The relationship between my brother and my sister is continuing to grow and develop and strengthen.
7.Making some amazing new friends, online and in real life -  they inspire me, make me laugh and make me want to be a better person
8.Creating a blog. I was initially worried no one would read it. I was racked with self doubt "who’d read it?" I'd ask myself. I still don't have huge traffic but that's ok.I don’t care if anyone reads it or not  – thats not why I do it?
9.Taking risks with my scrapping – pushing myself to find MY style. I've finally accepted that I like what I like and thats OK.
10. My kids – they drive me crazy but they are actually really good kids, with big hearts and good values.
11.Our house – I love our house,I love where I live in  and I  wouldn’t want to be anywhere else
12. Spending a month with my MIL in June when she came over from the UK. It was great to see the kids get to know and love their granny.
13.We have money in the bank and no debt. Dan earns enough money that I can stay at home and spend time with my kids.
14.We have finally gotten Ethan’s asthma and allergies under control.

Wow it turns out that I have heaps to be grateful for! Aren't I lucky?


  1. Wow there is certainly great deal to be grateful for there. Making it through the everyday grind it can be easy to overlook all the good in our lives.

  2. amen. yes.. a lot to be grateful for.. sending you *hugs*

  3. So many things to be grateful for!
    I should do a post like this :)

    Sorry about the end of your friendship. I have to say 2011 was a year of learning to let go for me as well. And it has made all the difference. But it still isn't easy!

    Love the design of your blog!

  4. i love your 2011 resolution of more blogging! keep it up.

  5. ohhh i love the owls, LOVE! it sounds as though 2011 had plenty of challenges, but i love that you have chosen to keep a perspective of the 'silver linings' in all of these. x

  6. thanks for all your positive comments! they have truly warmed my heart!

  7. An excellent year for you and so many wonderful things to be grateful for. Congratulations on the start of your studies - I hope it continues to go well for you in 2012.

  8. Awesome post - I really relate to the blogging and scrapping comments. Love that you have chosen to see the positive in what sounds like was a challenging year.

  9. Sounds like a great year! I am amazed how many challenge participants ended toxic or unhealthy relationships in 2011. It is one of the topics we will cover and i expect a lot of people will struggle with it - it's nice to have people on board to back up what i will say about needing to be true to yourself and have people in your life that energise and lift you up instead of draining you. good on you for taking that step.